Volume 3, Number 1:1-59;2013
American Journal of cardiovascular Disease

Hrayr S Karagueuzian, Hayk Stepanyan, William J Mandel: Bifurcation theory and cardiac arrhythmias. AJCD
2013;3(1):1-16. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Fred A Kummerow: Interaction between sphingomyelin and oxysterols contributes to atherosclerosis and sudden death.
AJCD 2013;3(1):17-26. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Roberta Rossini, Giuseppe Musumeci, Eliano Pio Navarese, Giuseppe Tarantini: Coronary artery disease: to cath or not  
to cath? When and how best to cath: those are the remaining questions. AJCD 2013;3(1):27-38. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Dharam J Kumbhani, Brian J Wells, A Michael Lincoff, Anil Jain, Susana Arrigain, Changhong Yu, Marlene    
Goormastic, Stephen G Ellis, Eugene Blackstone, Michael W Kattan: Predictive models for short- and long-term adverse
outcomes following discharge in a contemporary population with acute coronary syndromes. AJCD 2013;3(1):39-52.
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Sachin Kumar Amruthlal Jain, Timothy R Larsen, Anas Souqiyyeh, Shukri W David: Takotsubo cardiomyopathy:
reversible stress-induced cardiac insult - a stress protective mechanism. AJCD 2013;3(1):53-59. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).
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