Am J Cardiovasc Dis 2013;3(3):163-169

Original Article
“Personality traits and heart disease in the Middle East”. Is there a link?

Gohar Jamil, Amber Haque, Azimeh Namawar, Mujgan Jamil

Tawam Hospital, PO Box 15258, Al Ain, UAE; Department of Psychology and Counseling, UAE University, Al Ain, UAE

Received April 1, 2013; Accepted July 6, 2013; Epub August 16, 2013; Published August 30, 2013

Abstract: The significant role of psychosocial factors as a contributing factor to an increased risk of having a myocardial
infarction has been extensively studied in the western world. This era of economic crises has seen an exponential rise in
heart disease at a relatively earlier age. Whether these dynamics are equally associated, in the younger ethnically diverse
population of UAE, which contributes to more than 50% of the population is not very well known. Objectives: No studies
have examined the role of psychosocial variables and personality traits as a contributing factor to CAD in the UAE. The
objective of this case controlled study was to explore relationships between demographics, socioeconomic status,
personality types, stress-handling abilities, emotional intelligence, and cardiac risk factors. Methods: The participants of
this case controlled study included 90 MI patients admitted to a govt hospital in UAE during the period of 2011-2012, which
were matched to 90 healthy individual. A analysis of their personality types, emotional intelligence and stress handling
skills was performed using specific questionnaires. Results: The results showed a significantly higher incidence of Type A
personality in the MI group. In addition, these individuals were also much more likely to have diabetes, hypertension, and a
history smoking, when compared to controls. Moreover a significant relationship between the presence of Type A
personality and the presence of CAD was identified. Associations among variables were examined followed by analysis,
discussion, and recommendation for prevention and treatment of CAD in UAE. (AJCD1304001).

Keywords: Cardiovascular disease, psychosocial factors, coronary disease, UAE youth, psychosocial factors, prevention of
coronary artery diseases

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